Science Game – Electromagnetism: App goes to School

August 15 2015 - As the billion people in  India celebrate its 68th Independence Day, Maza Learn celebrates freedom for teachers with school integration in its  educational app Science Game. Science Game – Electromagnetism enables you to learn science in your own way, at your own pace, in your own time. And now, teachers can collate progress and concept coverage across students in their class.

Developed by Maza Learn a company whose aim is to make learning a fun-filled exploration, Science Game – Electromagnetism enables students to learn by doing, experimenting, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes.

Student Reports

With books and videos, the focus in on “teaching”. Science Game – Electromagnetism focusses on “learning by doing”, transforming students into "scientists" as they interact with fun-filled activities. A touchscreen phone or tablet is all that is needed to embark on the journey to become a scientist by exploring the fine details of the subject through intriguing 2D and 3D models.

Over 200 concepts in magnets, coils, dynamos and motors are explored in fun simulations, challenges and games with an intuitive interface. Molecules, electric currents and fields come to life on your screen, creating a clear picture of exactly how electromagnetism works. A comprehensive quiz drills down on concepts, providing support for 9th and 10th grade students learning the CBSE, IGCSE and NGSS syllabuses. Educational App Store rates it at 4-stars and says “...this is a good quality educational app that offers a great deal for both the learner and the teacher"

Teachers can use a Web Dashboard to track class progress  - averages, how much time a student spent on a subtopic, which topics students had difficulty with and which concepts need more work. The app supports integration  with Google Classroom and Edmodo. The app continuously assesses students and pushes the information to a central repository where teachers can access it with one click.

Sridhar Sundaram, co-founder of Maza Learn, says: “The drudgery of Assessments takes away the joy of learning. Science Game harnesses today's powerful technology to make assessments continuous, comprehensive, transparent. It frees up both students and teachers to focus on real learning with high engagement while auto-magically tracking the learning.”

Science Game – Electromagnetism  is available for free from the Apple iTunes Store and Android Play Store and is compatible with all devices running iOS 5.1.1 or Android 3.0 or later.

Download Science Game – Electromagnetism today to see why science has never before been so accessible and so much fun.

Notes to Editors

Science Game – Electromagnetism was created by Maza Learn. For more information visit or email

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